Earthbag Building in Brunei

Earthbag Building in Brunei
Earthbag Building in Brunei

Neil and Stella at Guiding Star Creations sent this project. Text and drawing from Brunei Times.

BUILDING consultants from Australia have proposed for Brunei’s future Blue Flag beach to feature a structural design sturdy enough to withstand earthquakes and viable enough for lunar habitation, aside from being able to supply and manage its own power, water and waste.

Harold Raps and Mathilde Menard, directors of Sydney-based firm Green Earth Buildings, were flown in to the Sultanate to meet on Wednesday with local architects and presented their draft layout of the earth-based, dome shaped buildings that they proposed for Meragang beach’s planned Environmental Information Centre (EIC).

“We took a green building method, and we came up with a site plan and design for the EIC that would fulfil all the Blue Flag criteria and also be extremely sustainable,” Raps told The Brunei Times prior to the meeting with representatives from Arkitek RekaJaya.

Read the full article for free at Brunei Times.

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