Earthbag Eco-Home for Sale

Earthbag Eco-Home for Sale
Earthbag Eco-Home for Sale


Earthbag Eco-Home for Sale
Earthbag Eco-Home for Sale

San Miguel De Allende, Mexico.
“This unique dwelling is located near the town of San Miguel DE Allende, Mexico. Only 10 minutes to town and five minutes walk from an organic farm. Whether you want tranquility or excitement it offers both. Set in its own land of approx 2,000 square meters, you can enjoy the peace and quite of this secluded home or revel in the festival culture of Mexico!

The Earthbag house itself covers a large area of 145 square meters, and comprises of 2 bedrooms, each having its own composting toilet.

One of the bedrooms offers a built in bath and the other a shower and also a plumbed in washing machine.

The living room has a wonderful open fire with built in seating areas either side. The kitchen has a double cooker which would be left, along with the fridge and washing machine. The stunning floor tiles are made locally and cover all the floor surface.

The grey water from the house i.e. kitchen and bathrooms feeds directly into various points in the garden. (Deeper explanation if you are really interested in the house along with how the composting system works.)

The roof has a tank which is fed directly from the well which is situated by the large house behind mine on the top of the hill. All the houses in the area share the water and the electric bill that comes from the pump that brings up the water.

There is also a large cistern in the back garden underground that is fed from this well. In the rainy season the water that comes off the roof flows into this cistern and the excess feeds into the wet/dry ‘pond’ also in the back of the garden. I say wet/dry as it is dry during the non rainy season. It would be possible to put another cistern in that area if desired.

The house has a land line phone number and also Internet via Unisono. There is also an alarm system installed.

The house is constructed with earthbags. I have a comprehensive selection of photos that document the construction of the house from the very beginning.”

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12 thoughts on “Earthbag Eco-Home for Sale”

  1. This is a great looking dome home build. I really like the square footage of this build and looks very open. I found a dome kit for my needs ( for reference), while not as big, but has been great. I added a loft to it for my bedroom, built an enclosed bathroom. I left the rest of the space open for my kitchen/dining room/living room. Basically ended up with a very nice supped up studio apartment. Down the road I’m thinking about adding a second unit with a connector tunnel/hallway to add some bedrooms and an office space. I really like how dome homes and other alternative living solutions are becoming more popular. I think it’s a great option for getting into a home without having to pay high prices.

  2. I live in Mexico City and am interested in building a superadobe dome. There are many rural pieces of land here where the building codes are not so stringent, in the south, where my husband from Oaxaca owns a couple pieces of land….

    I’m really curious how this house for sale above has held up in Mexico… and can you share what the experience was like building in Mexico (easy/ challenging)?

    I am also looking at buying land in Tepoztlan where there is another dome project, they actually rent them out on AirBnB.

    If you like, please send me an email if this is not the right forum for my question. Thanks in advance!

    • We have no way of keeping up with the thousands of earthbag projects that have been built. I do know that Mexico is one of the biggest hot spots for earthbag building. It should be fairly easy to locate at least one project and go take a visit.

      Be sure to read both of my articles on this blog titled Passive Cooling Strategies. Choose 10 or so strategies to beat the heat. Most are simple things like using wide roof overhangs, good cross ventilation, etc.

  3. Nice place, but a little pricey for Mexico. 1300 sq ft/$195,000.00 in the interior of Mexico. Wonder why the owner is selling? Could it possibly be the violence?

    Just for informational purposes, although the US State Department has no travel warnings for US citizens in the State of Guanajuato, it is surrounded by states that have had major incidents of violence.

    • I live in México, in Nuevo León, and, personally, I think that the person is selling for profits only, with that price, he can build 2 houses more, if the person were selling due to some threat, the price would be lower, in my humble opinion.


  4. Alas no move to Mexico for me, but I love the look of this house and dream of building my own someday. I have just discovered your site and am now gleefully following along. Well done!

    • That’s a really nice house! It probably won’t be long before people start building spec earthbag houses for sale. If they get anywhere near the asking price for this house, they should make a very nice profit even if they paid workers to do everything.


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