Earthbag Timelapse, Fairbanks, Alaska — 16 Comments

  1. I was wondering about permits and restrictions. I am looking at moving to the area and also buildomg with earthbags and most places will barely allow it, if at all.

    • Codes vary from area to area. Contact the county building department. Most counties now have websites that make doing research much easier.

      • I was wondering about Fairbanks specifically. any permit you yourself may have had to purchase and anu legal hiccups with building there.

        • I don’t live there and never have. This is not my house in the video. We’re just reporting on projects around the world. You have to do the research and figure things out.

  2. Where did you buy your bags at? In Alaska or did you have to order them? I am looking to incorporate earth bag construction in some walls of a cottage. Thanks much, Paul.

    • Our Resources page at Earthbag has a list of suppliers. There’s at least one large company in Canada.Try to buy local to save shipping costs.

  3. I live in wasilla
    Tell me how is your home doing with Fairbanks weather?
    My wife and I want to add on to our log home and I’m looking to blend conventional construction to log but also considering alternative construction that has insulation and mass that matches the aesthetics of log. Tell me about your soil mix and the interior/exterior finishes. To include you ground floor/wall foundation. Thanks look forward to your response.
    Thanks you Mike

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