Earthbag Tube Forming Machine — 5 Comments

    • Link doesn’t work for me. Machines like this don’t work for earthbag building because it’s best to fill bags on the wall. Plus, you want to use sandy/clay soil not sand.

  1. Take away the wooden frame and the outside roller wheel. Design to removeable extensions. 1) set of wheels so you can push this thing on the ground level. 2) Something to help with stability of the device as you get two higher levels. Something like that could speed up the laying of those continuous bags considerable.

    • Actually many hundreds or possibly a few thousand earthbag tube structures have been satisfactorily built without any such machines. They’re really not needed. Simplicity is preferred whenever possible. If anything, the simple device shown in the photo would be a good choice.

  2. Kaki Hunter and Donald Kiffmeyer from OKOKOK Productions used a device that Kaki had constructed that looks exactly like your picture to a 2007 workshop in Colorado. It worked wonderfully.

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