Eco-Bungalow Project

Adobe eco-bungalow in Luang Prabang, Laos
Adobe eco-bungalow in Luang Prabang, Laos

“We have created a concept where people in ethnic minorities can host tourists in a truly sustainable way.

The bungalows are owned and run by the villagers, there is a limited amount of people visiting the village at all times, the building is made out of clay (ADOBE) and minimal external resources are being used – built by volunteers and the villagers.

We aim to create income-generating opportunities for ethnic minorities in Northern Laos by leveraging on the increasing amount of tourism. The project is run by World Volunteer, Tiger Trail Outdoor Adventures and Fair Trek.

Use local Materials
We educate the villagers in the techniques of building with adobe and combine this with the traditional building techniques. Adobe is a great way to save resources thus the environment and it also lessens the construction costs.

The villagers should earn good money.
Most people in these villages live on rice cultivation and unfortunately many villagers still can’t afford or grow food to sustain their families all year round. With this project we are able to create new ways of gaining income thus food security and also cash income for education, healthcare and other neccessities.

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  1. Interesting project.

    My only concern with the concept is that throughout all of history, remote villages have consistently been devastated by imported diseases as soon as they come into regular contact with the rest of humanity.

    Tourism can be a great way to help an economy. It also can be a great way to destroy an indigenous population. I just hope appropriate precautions are taken to protect the those villages that may not have developed immunities to many of the common diseases they are likely to be exposed to carried by the tourists.

    I admit that I’m completely ignorant about the lives of the people of Laos. I have no clue what immunities they may or may not have developed. Perhaps I’m just overly cautious.

    With appropriate precautions, I love the basic concept. The bungalows look awesome.


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