EcoNest Homes

EcoNest custom homes
EcoNest custom homes

Today’s post profiles another leading natural home builder – EcoNest Homes. They’re well known for their finely crafted timberframe and straw/clay construction.

“EcoNest is…
the name we have given to our holistically designed and hand-crafted natural homes. An EcoNest incorporates timber-frame, straw-clay walls, earth plasters and natural and non-toxic finishes. This combination of time-honored building traditions with modern innovations results in a home of unsurpassed health and comfort.

An EcoNest will…
Wrap you in the beauty and serenity of nature
Optimize your comfort, health and wellbeing
Be the foundation for living your ecological values

The EcoNest company…
has evolved a unique and proven training system. Graduate professional builders and owner-builders have successfully built EcoNest homes throughout North America. Our EcoNest Affiliates are poised to build for you!”

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