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  1. Couldn’t get to actual building plans for the Econimizer so I printed off what was on the wed site and took it to the people to get the building permits etc. told me to come back when I had something that showed I knew what I was doing, like actual plans. So I went to house designer but he wants money to design a house but I thought this was supposed to be your free house design plans! What gives?

    • Urban areas have stricter codes. They want complete plans that are stamped by architects and engineers. Those cost thousands of dollars and are done on a case by case basis according to local codes.

      I offer basic plans that can work in rural areas with few or no codes. It’s up to you to upgrade the plans if you want to live in code areas.

      The plans are there. Just follow the links and look carefully. The last page only has one link. That’s the link to the PDF. Show those to a designer and they’ll have a good idea what you want.

  2. Hello,
    I have tried to download your free economizer plans. The link seems to not be working Would you please send me a link to those plans. Also, if I like the plans, how can I obtain CAD files to present to my county for permit/code compliance?

    Thank you so much for all you do.

    • The link works okay. WordPress makes it awkward to add PDFs though. You have to click the link. Then click the link on the next page. And then click the link on the top of the 3rd page.

      You shouldn’t need the CAD files. Just print everything and show the building officials. If anything they’ll want more detailed drawings with plumbing, electrical, etc. Sorry, but full blown plans aren’t included because the codes are different from place to place. Take the plans to a local designer and they can upgrade the plans.


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