Elora Hardy Green Village

“Green Village is a village of private homes. Each of them is completely unique and designed for those who live in them on the edge of a river valley in Bali… If houses never became square, what would they be? What do you want around you to feel good?”

Thanks to Jay for finding this video. The following video provides more in-depth information about this incredible designer and bamboo project.

Elora Hardy: Building a Sustainable (Bamboo) Future

“Elora Hardy had it all as a designer working for Donna Karan in New York, with her prints walking the world’s runways. She left it all to return to Bali and build a sustainable construction company. Hardy builds visually stunning homes out of bamboo, fantasy abodes that look derived from Hollywood movie sets. In this striking talk, Hardy explains the versatility and durability of bamboo, and convinces us all to become advocates of bamboo as the choice building material for construction in the tropics.”

Search our blog for more info on Green Village bamboo houses and the Green School in Bali.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed watching these video’s. I love the designs, materials and the extra’s they have such as that bath tub. It’s also great to finally see who’s responsible for these incredible builds. They are gifted in their trades. I really like this young woman and her vision. I love the way she thinks. Oh yeah….she’s a keeper. Thanks Owen.


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