This Family Sold Their Home To Move Into An Amazing House Truck

“Many people would be really apprehensive when it comes to the idea of moving into a tiny house with a young family. Josh, Naomi and Kilaian took the plunge, selling their three bedroom home in order to purchase a house truck where they now all live together full time.

When it comes to House Trucks, this home is pretty large and very child friendly. At 11 meters (36ft) and weighing close to 20 tonnes, this home on wheels isn’t one that is perfectly suited for a grand family road-trip – although the family haven’t entirely ruled that out yet either.

This home is beautifully constructed, with exceptional woodwork everywhere you look giving the house a rustic charm and warmth. When the gorgeous design isn’t enough on its own to keep you warm though, there is a lovely wood-stove which sits in the centre of the living room.”

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