Fixed the Website, But What About From an iPhone?

I just deleted a post I made a while back, as we have solved the two website problems I wrote about there.

For blocking spam, I went ahead and got the paid version of Akismet as it has worked adequately for us as an unpaid tool and it’s only 5 bucks a month.

For not being able to get the larger categories to load, several people told me to do something to our php.ini file. That was more geeky than I was up for, but I phoned Bluehost and a very helpful guy there did what was needed. He also said that if the problem comes back, it will be time to move off shared hosting.

(By the way, I am a HUGE fan of Bluehost for webhosting, and that link takes you to a page I wrote about it.)

Oh, while I am linking to my writings, I will just add that on Squidoo I just won an award called a purple star for a page I did called Our Earthbag Home. I linked to it from here a while back. People are posting a lot of comments about how amazing the house and the process are! But you probably knew that, being here!

Does This Site Work Okay in the iPhone?

Someone commented: When viewing from a iPhone it is impossible to zoom. It is possible to pan but not zoom. I dont know what can couse this but try to view from a phone and see if it is just me.

Well, Kelly and I still have the cellphones we got when we moved to Mexico some 7 or 8 years ago, so we can’t check. Readers, if some of you can, please post a comment! Thanks!

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