Fog Nets: Creating Water in the Atacama Desert

“Capturing water from the fog and producing food on the driest place on earth, the Atacama Desert, Peru. This water has two purposes: clean drinking water and to grow food. Here we are able to catch an average of 200 liters per day per fog net!

The Creating Water Foundation is committed to capture water from fog with innovative, green and sustainable projects and turn un-usable desert soil into productive soil. The only energy we use is clean energy from solar, wind and water. There are no polluting energy sources!

With our projects we want to achieve:
– That communities and individuals from third world countries are able to get out of that negative spiral. By providing in their primary needs we can help them develop and grow independently in a sustainable way.
– To raise awareness for the global problems like clean drinking water and food shortage, we build example projects to inspire and motivate people to get started and be independent!
– Create an opportunity for the local inhabitant to be self-sufficient through sustainable resources.

How do we do it?
The Creating Water Foundation works in the Netherlands part of the year where we work to prepare, finance and plan our projects. We also raise awareness for the global problems like food production and drinking water. The other part of the year we work at our project locations and monitor the results. Together with the community we work on the local solution for the food- and water problems. Because we work on the projects ourselves we are able to educate the local community and guard the project quality. After the implementation the community has gained enough knowledge to maintain and monitor the project themselves.

Why do we do this?
Personally we find it amazing to work with innovating and sustainable solutions with the purpose of changing people’s lives. These are wonderful and valuable experiences. We work for the foundation with full effort and help them to get self-sustaining. We encourage everybody to make their own contribution to a better world or community, with us or with your own initiative.”

Creating Water Foundation – Tacna Project, Peru
Wiki – Fog Fences

3 thoughts on “Fog Nets: Creating Water in the Atacama Desert”

  1. I love the idea that you guys use for water. I would love to take the idea and apply to my people . I would like to know more about fog nets and collecting water from the fog net.
    Thank you.

  2. This isn’t new. People have been doing this for years in the Atacama – at least since 2001 – see:

    and a report in 2013 said that there had been a second stage to that project in 2007, and that a local cooperative had been established to maintain the nets.

    I’m not denigrating the efforts of the Dutch group you report on, but credit needs to be given to those who much earlier developed the idea, and to the locals who had (have?) ongoing involvement in the earlier project.


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