Glass Block

Glass Block in Earthbag Wall
Glass Block in Earthbag Wall

Glass block adds a nice decorative touch to earthbag walls. The building process for adding glass block is fairly simple: Make wood frames much like window bucks, only smaller. Earthbag walls are quite thick, so you will probably want double glass blocks – one near the interior, one near the exterior. This creates a wide, strong surface to support earthbags above. To do this, build 2×4 frames (bucks) for each glass block. Plan ahead so you know where to insert the frames in the wall, and then set and level the frames where you want them. Frames are held in place by earthbags pressing against them. Curve the bag ends that adjoin the frames by pinning corners of bags out of the way to create gently rounded edges in the plaster. Set the glass block in place after the walls and roof are finished. Add four nails behind each block to hold in place, and then plaster around the blocks.

4 thoughts on “Glass Block”

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  2. Question: ….so you put 2 blocks back to back and insert them into the buck?
    perhaps a nice sill would make a perfect alcove for a small candle?

    all in all …a really nice place…

    Owen said: There are two bucks for each opening — one on the outside, one on the inside. Double bucks are needed to support upper courses of bags.


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