Grand Designs Australia – Building a Straw Bale Home

Oh no, the video got deleted. Here’s an article about the project in The Australian.

More information at Grand Designs. Please let me know if you find the video online. It’s called the Piper Creek Strawbale House.

“Peter Maddison, Australia’s favourite television architect, returns tonight with another in the fifth season of his popular, entertaining and informative series, based on the award-winning British program created by Kevin McCloud.

Maddison follows the adventures of ambitious families pursuing architectural dreams. Across 12 months — and sometimes longer — he charts the in-depth, sometimes catastrophic and always serendipitous process of building a house.

As always, there are the reality checks that test the ability of the builders; as a practising architect he understands that emotional as well as financial imperatives are at stake.”

Grand Designs Australia

Grand Designs Australia has several interesting episodes. Here’s another good video that shows pavilion style buildings with factory made timber frames.
Here’s another one that may be of interest. It’s a townhouse in Sydney that heats and cools itself, and has living walls and living roof.

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