Happy Anniversary EarthbagBuilding.com

It’s our one year anniversary and we’re happy to say we continue to receive and publish new projects, photos and articles weekly.  Because we publish all the latest news, our growth here at EarthbagBuilding.com mirrors the growth of building with earthbags worldwide.

For example, right now we have 31 articles on everything from construction details, dome building, simple shelters, to building with scoria on our Articles page.  If you have a topic in mind you’d like to know more about, please drop us a note by email.

Our Projects page is in a league of its own with over 30 featured homes and commercial projects.  There are many more earthbag projects around the world, of course, but these are the ones we have so far with photos and building details.

Kelly continues to add new images to the Slide Show.  It’s now the largest single source of publicly available earthbag images that I’m aware of.  The photo captions do a good job of summarizing each pic.  So make a cup of good tea, sit back and relax, and take a look at what others are doing.

Also, the site’s success can be measured in our web traffic.  The average number of unique visitors each day has been 821, up from 694 last month.  Mostly we have averaged about 400 or 500… pretty good for a new site.

Judging by this rapid growth, it appears earthbag building is entering a new phase of development and more mainstream acceptance around the world for a wide range of structures.  Please help us spread the word by sending us details about your project.

1 thought on “Happy Anniversary EarthbagBuilding.com”

  1. Hi Kelly
    This web site is making an impact on construction around the world. Thanks for sharing so freely all this info.
    I really like the new website re-organization! Easier to find the type of buildings one is interested in on the projects and articles pages. Since new projects being built so often, it really helps to be able to sort through them quickly.
    God bless
    Patti Stouter


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