Have You Had Any Trouble At This Site?

I have been emailing with someone who has been having problems with this site. When I asked her what exactly, she wrote me:

unable to cut and paste.  the error message reads (from Internet Explorer) “a script error has occured at this website and may cause your computer to run more slowly.  do you want to continue to run this script with errors?  yes/no.”  I’m running IE 7 on windows XP version.

I tried navigating the site on my old Windows XP computer with IE8, and I had no problems, though it was waaay slower than on my year-old Mac laptop and Chrome or Firefox. I use Sucuri security (securi.net) and just ran a check to be sure, even though they automatically check multiple times a day. Here are the results:

Malicious javascript:No
Malicious iFrames:No
Drive-by Downloads:No
Anomaly detection:No
IE-only attacks:No
Suspicious redirections:No

If you have any of the same problems as this reader, please comment with as much detail as possible.


Zana, behind-the-scenes geek

20 thoughts on “Have You Had Any Trouble At This Site?”

    • Did you write Kelly’s wife? Even she may not be able to fix it. Quite a few people have complained about this new site (including me).

      • Yes. That form page with the boxes to check got sent to me again. This time I think I did it right. I put check marks in the boxes and clicked on the apply button. Not too swift a geek am I. :-) So we’ll see how it goes. Thanks for asking.

  1. I too am having multiple problems with your site. Constantly gives a slow script warning and invites me to stop or continue. Effectively making it impossible for me to use your links.

  2. Luckily I switched from XP to Ubuntu last year. Now I’m running Ubuntu 12.04 and everything is fine with your blog.
    Zana, if you are also a geek with WP themes, I strongly recommend you to get http://xtreme-theme.com/ . They have a very nice tool which you can use to create your own themes which are also very fast in loading…
    You may contact me via email regarding this…

  3. Slow to load, get the script message twice, then all is well. It seems to be the sidebars trying to load and only on my old Internet Explorer version, no problem on android or firefox.

  4. I’ve used Opera, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome to come here. No issues. Cannot attest to IE because I don’t use it. I don’t use it because it sucks really bad. People should know not to use it by now. It’s terrible. Everything Microshaft makes is terrible. I’m still shocked that people pay for that crap when there are free alternatives that are so much better.

  5. I get the script error message too(twice) using Internet Explorer. I am considering downloading Google Chrome as a remedy.

  6. Yes Owen, I have been getting “script error ” messages on your new blog every time I go to a new page. The warning asks if I wish to stop running the script…which I do twice on each of your pages before I am able to proceed. I’m not getting this on any other blogs. Thanks Owen I hope it gets sorted soon. Cheers Joan

  7. I’m using windows Vista with IE9 (a piece of junk in my opinion) and the site loads and switches pages slowly. I also was only able to get a white screen yesterday, and now I understand why. Thanks for getting it fixed.

  8. I got those “script” errors a lot on a lot of different sites with IE and chrome, but yesterday when I went to the link for the cob book and tried to download it, my computer had a major system error – I can’t remember exactly what it said – said it was dumping files and really quickly shut down (before I had a chance to read everything). I did a system cleanup today and switched from chrome to firefox and it seems to be working better (so far, lol)… you say the site was hacked – did it have anything to do with that book link?

  9. Zana

    The site is still extremely slow to load for me. Yesterday it came up blank. I am using XP with all updates and Firefox 12. I believe the WP template or theme is could be the problem. Some templates/themes are designed just for IE, others work well with all browsers. When I owned a few blogs, I would test my sites with several different themes. There were some that would load really fast and others would take forever. I would then check the site using different browsers. Some WP themes don’t look right with certain browsers. Another thing you can do is to check other blogs using the same theme. See how they load. If they load better then this one, it maybe your hosting service. Sometimes examining the source code helps. Many WP themes are easy to customize. You can often make one look almost exactly like another and one will load faster. It all has to do with the scripting. Also some WP plugins can cause problems. I often found my best source of help was talking with other webmasters using WP.

    • The blog got hacked yesterday. And we think the theme is slow and so we’re looking into a new one. Thanks.

  10. This is a facebook comment from Michelle O’Brien Ricketts:

    “Yes. I also have script troubles. (but running the noScript addon fixes this) The error reads as follows:

    A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.
    Script: chrome://adblockplus-modules/content/ContentPolicy.jsm:383

    I’m using Firefox browser on Ubuntu Linux OS16 hours ago ·”

  11. Well, the site WAS hacked. Ugh! It’s all up to date and I thought it would be safe.

    Very fortunately, I had recently signed up at http://sucuri.net for an annual subscription for all our wordpress sites, and so last night I filled out a support ticked and first thing this morning, I had an email from them that we had two problems — [1] some malicious js that they had cleaned and [2] probably some plugin incompatibilities. So I took off clicky and P3 and ultimate tag cloud widget, and we are good to go.

    I wouldn’t take off skimlinks unless I had to, as that is how we can make money from our Amazon links. (Kelly and I live in Colorado, and Amazon and the state of Colorado had a tiff over a year ago. Amazon dumped all its affilates. We found skimlinks.com, a British company that we became affiliates with.)

  12. I have issues on my work laptop on windows xp version 2002, IE 8. This is the message I get twice every time I bring up a page:
    “Stop running this script?

    A script on this page is causing Internet Explorer to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer might become unresponsive.”

    When I run it on my Windows XP at home I use Chrome and/or Firefox anyway, and I never have issues.

  13. Zana,

    I am running XP with Firefox 3.5.5 and I see the same error. A “warning unresponsive script” dialog pop up on each page I browse:

    A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding.
    You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will

    Script: chrome://noscript/content/Policy.js:49

    I have the NoScript extension loaded. I am not allowing gravatar.com, getclicky.com or skimresources.com to run. I do allow javascript to run for naturalbuildingblog.com.

    I updated the NoScript extension to the current release and allowed permissions globally for naturalbuildingblog.com there is no change – I still see the warning. Perhaps the tools you use do not support the older browsers?



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