Hemp Tiny Houses for Seniors

“Help Build first Hemp tiny house in Washington State for Senior Citizens – with Solar Panels on the Roof.

Share Widely – Gofundme – https://www.gofundme.com/helpseniorsbuildtinyhouses

Senior citizen Pat Rasmussen is building the first industrial hemp insulated tiny house on a trailer in the state – right in Olympia – to show other seniors how they can build their own secure, warm, comfortable green home on a small budget.

Many seniors like Pat live on $800 or less a month social security – some had jobs that didn’t put retirement away for them. At age 70, they deserve a secure, warm home and they can have one – a tiny home.

Natural hemp insulation with energy efficient design means no heating is required. Solar panels mean no electricity bills. Solar water heating provides hot water. The tiny house sits on a trailer designed for tiny houses so it can be moved when needed.

Growing industrial hemp is now legal in Washington State – the first seeds go in the ground spring of 2017. We are fostering a new industry for our state. It’s time to get ready for building with hemp!

The tiny house can be in a community space, a tiny home village, or as an Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU) in someone’s yard where they can live in community with the home dwellers and other friends in the neighborhood of their choice and with a network of support.”

More at Senior Hemp Tiny Houses
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3 thoughts on “Hemp Tiny Houses for Seniors”

  1. Then you’d have to find “rich hippies” which typically only applies to those in the age range of 12-16 as it is comprised of youth that lived in mommy and daddy’s McMansion that have enough allowance to get high and listen to Bob Marley. Anyone else, that I’ve ever seen, heard, or spoken to, that regards hemp in such high regard is a real “hippie” or a naturalist that typically doesn’t partake in our monetary system and is thusly typically cash broke or in the least doesn’t have a stash of cash in a bank account from savings of a regular income.
    This is just more buzz to get a trend started that then legislates more alternative methods into the fold allowing taxation and manipulation of those that opt out of the standard process.
    You can’t break the law if you are outside of it.
    This is an attempt to widen the tax flow funnel ensnaring more people.

  2. The builders will be faced with the same issues we’ve been covering lately — how to build affordably, safely and meet building codes. My estimated cost of code built tiny houses on trailers is around $90,000. Then you’d still have to pay for a lot to park it, city utilities, taxes, etc.


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