The House That 100k Built – Medieval Timber Frame Home

With a new baby and a lively toddler, Neil and Amanda decided to knock down their small, dilapidated house to try and build a larger one on a budget of £50,000, dreaming of something inspired by medieval timber frame homes.

Piers Taylor rips up their plans and begins to redesign the entire home from scratch, urging them to invest their money in a handmade timber frame with traditional joints and handmade dowels, while Kieran gives them advice on ensuring it doesn’t look like a Tudor theme pub.

Excellent show. Lots of interesting ideas. The final cost is expected to be close to $74,000 — not bad considering how beautiful it is.

3 thoughts on “The House That 100k Built – Medieval Timber Frame Home”

    • This show does not seem very popular in comparison to Grand Designs. Apparently most people want to look at big houses. (I’m talking about the YouTube audience, not our blog readers.)

      Edit: Too bad it’s not popular. I would love to see a weekly or monthly professional quality show on how to build low cost houses like this.


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