How to Build a Mud House to Last up to 10,000 Yrs England

The building industry doesn’t want people to know about this! Modern building materials are expensive, often require special tools and expertise, rot or burn after a few decades, and many times offgas toxic fumes. Fortunately, word is spreading about natural building and how almost anyone can build their own home at much lower cost. Examples of ancient natural buildings that are still standing after thousands of years can be found worldwide. This includes earthen structures in earthquake zones that have withstood centuries of earthquakes. These ancient building methods are being rediscovered and utilized to beat the high cost of home building.


2 thoughts on “How to Build a Mud House to Last up to 10,000 Yrs England”

  1. Great to see such a positive group so enthusiastically at work on the building, being led by a very knowledgeable and inspiring person !

    Regarding the video, as time and opportunity allows further such videos, it would be good if more microphones could be used in the recording. Unfortunately quite a bit of the conversation was off mic, so we were left with the video alone to follow the activities. If the recorded conversation can approach the volume of the music at the end of the video, then that would be a success. Thanks !

    • I find the sound quality often less than desirable on many amateur videos. They forget or don’t realize that most people are listening on small electronic devices with small speakers.


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