An introduction to off grid living in the UK

A quick tour of where I live and a chat about how I do it! I cover solar power, heating, cooking, growing food, using rain water and more.

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2 thoughts on “An introduction to off grid living in the UK”

  1. Great to watch an introductory talk from someone who puts across information in a straightforward way in front of a static camera. Those hand-held cameras make me seasick… He prepared well for what he needed to tell us, which makes such a difference in these videos. Pleasing to see that his Youtube channel is so popular among fellow natural builders – I’m going to subscribe to that one. UK climate is so variable that we need a combination of systems, and he has made an excellent job of integrating all of them. Thank you for sharing the video with us – a very rewarding one to watch, and leading on to more good information from him !

    • There’s another similar one today from an old timer who’s been living off grid for decades. He (Boss of the Swamo) has tons of practical advice. I used to watch his videos a couple years ago and just realized again how much good information he has.


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