Jesse Loving’s Earthbag House — 14 Comments

  1. how can I contact Jessie regarding the proceedure and requirements? Do any one know the vital details? Please inform me. Planiing to build in Belize. Thanks

  2. Can Jesse or anyone comment on building / plumbing / electrical codes in Belize? Was it a headache going through permitting? Thanks.

  3. Can Jesse or anyone chime in on what it’s like to build in Belize? Are there restrictive building codes? Electrical / plumbing codes? Any restrictions against using greywater?

    Any insight on how Belize treats all this is extremely appreciated.

  4. I love it Jesse, nice. I too am in Belize and having trouble finding bags less than 100 pounds and are too wide I think? Can I ask were you found your bags in Belize? Awesome, Peter

    • I have to say I really admire the fine craftsmanship of your work. Your projects are a big inspiration to others. There’s a big difference between just stacking a bunch of bags and creating a beautiful home. Your work shows what’s possible with care and effort.

  5. This house is just plain awesome !!

    Love how neat this building site is and one can see a lot of planning was done before the build.

    Wish you the best Jesse

    PS: Can you perhaps post a rough plan/layout with sizes?
    It is difficult to comprehend the scale of this house just from the images


  6. It’s incredible that you can make a house just from this. I know that this can only be done in higher climate coutries but it is impressive none the less.

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