Where to Live While Building a House: Living off the Grid

Natural builders have to figure out where to live while their sustainable home is under construction. This may mean dealing with some less than ideal choices.

“We are on a journey of buying land, build an off-grid home and starting a homestead. We were contemplating where to live while building our home and after some discussion settled on a trailer.”

“We are a young couple living off the grid in the Pacific Northwest We recently purchased 5 acres where we will be developing our homestead and documenting the entire process on our homesteading blog. On our journey we also plan to become and live debt-free. Follow along our journey which will include buying our land, building a barn, installing septic, building a solar power system, building an off the grid cabin, drilling a well, building our house, and living off of our land. Our goal in documenting our journey is to help others that wish to do something similar. Starting a homestead 100% from scratch is no easy task which is why we would like to share everything we learn to help you avoid mistakes and make the best decisions possible!

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As bad as it sounds to live in a trailer for six months, this couple found a good deal on a decent trailer and can likely sell it for more than they paid. That means they can live rent free for those six months. Or they can keep the trailer for guests and trips. The good news is they’re still together and making good progress on their homestead. Here’s a video update of months eight to ten of their off grid homestead development.

4 thoughts on “Where to Live While Building a House: Living off the Grid”

  1. My cousin and her husband built their home, and like you said, it’s important to always expect it to take more time than you would think! It took them twice as long to get their house done than they thought it would. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Live in a trailer for 6 months. They need to learn the farmers guide my Grandmother told me. On length of a job… Take the number, double it and go up to the next level. A two hour job will end up taking 4 days. We have been two years into ours and still have not poured the foundation for the house. Been getting fences, barns and pond in place.


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