Man Lives Inside $150 Bicycle ‘Stealth’ Camper

“For years now, Paul Elkins has been traveling the country in his ‘stealth camper’. Unlike many small homes you see, this one is attached to the back of a bicycle and it only cost $150 to make! You won’t believe what the inside looks like.

“It does show the possibilities of a new way to get around and travel or to live. You don’t have car insurance, you don’t have home insurance payments. What do you got? Food.” Paul says.”

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I’m going to run tiny house related blog posts all week in order to keep plugging the Tiny House Summit. There are some amazing things coming from this community (tiny house codes, tiny house villages, small space living ideas…), and I hope to see more collaboration between them and natural builders in the future. Click on the Tiny House Summit icon on the right hand side of the page for free videos every day. They’re only free one day and then they’re replaced with new ones. If you miss some videos you can buy the entire set.

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