How Much Did Our Tiny House Cost??? — 2 Comments

  1. That’s what happens when you build your tiny house just like a full sized house with full sized appliances and regular cabinets, countertops, lighting fixtures, siding, hardwood flooring, etc.

    So this concept of tiny house is a full sized regular construction with very small square footage.

    I’m in an 8′ x 10′ right now that I built for around $1,500.00

    I omitted things I don’t use or need with the knowledge that I can install them later, if I want to, as I did with my micro wood stove (to curb replenishing cost of propane).

    -Why would you use several can lights?
    -How many does a small box painted white inside really need?
    -Are they standard 120V or 12V LED?

    I’m willing to bet one or two high intensity LED lights pointed upwards at the white ceiling would be just as too bright for my taste as you have now and use way way less electricity from your batteries.

    -That fridge must kill a 100ah battery overnight on its own…

    I understand at your age you might desire to have fancy things that others might covet with an on grid louder, faster, brighter lifestyle yet on wheels but if you can go without certain things and find you don’t suffer you will find all these frills are creating more maintenance, taking more space, weigh more, use more electric, and become holding spaces for spoiled/unused food and unneeded/unused clutter.

    Bet your next build or remodel will be more minimalist – unless you have children.

    Looks pretty though, good job!

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