New Technique to Make Furniture out of Bamboo — 7 Comments

  1. I think the furniture made out of bamboo is amazing is there a whole sale company to import the bamboo furniture i am really excited.

    • It looks like a pretty big company, so yes maybe they sell wholesale.

      I was thinking more about their curing process. They may inject a stabilizer into the cells that slows reabsorption of moisture, in addition to gradual drying/curing. Just a guess.

  2. Thanks Owen for the correction. I suppose the reason I called it a weed is because I helped an Asian gentleman remove it from his yard and whew was it a job but, he called it a weed that was hard to get rid of. He gave me a few of them and I can say that it does grow like a weed. Very quick with a root system that can go on forever. I have it growing in a large pot and my fear is that it’s going to burst but, perhaps it will just grow to the capacity of the pot. At least I hope so. So, that’s where the term weed came from.

  3. I very much appreciate what this gentleman has developed for using bamboo in this manner but, what I cannot figure is why bamboo is considered a weed, a grass??? To me, it’s a wood.

  4. This is a significant breakthrough for building with bamboo. However, it lends itself to large shops that can afford the expensive equipment.

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