New Technique to Make Furniture out of Bamboo

“Tables made from bamboo folded like origami paper, and chairs with unusual and complex designs… These are some of the items of furniture made by this week’s innovator. Bamboo is strong and doesn’t break easily. That’s why it has been used since olden times for baskets, sieves and screens. But it does also tend to warp, and that’s why it hasn’t been used for larger furniture. It bends out of shape when it loses its moisture. After much experimentation, our innovator has found a way to prevent that distortion. What is his surprising technique? He says that he thought it up because it pained him so much to see the neglected state of the bamboo groves in his hometown. We see how perseverance pays off, as we trace the path and motivations of a truly dedicated bamboo craftsman and innovator.”


7 thoughts on “New Technique to Make Furniture out of Bamboo”

  1. I think the furniture made out of bamboo is amazing is there a whole sale company to import the bamboo furniture i am really excited.

    • It looks like a pretty big company, so yes maybe they sell wholesale.

      I was thinking more about their curing process. They may inject a stabilizer into the cells that slows reabsorption of moisture, in addition to gradual drying/curing. Just a guess.

  2. Thanks Owen for the correction. I suppose the reason I called it a weed is because I helped an Asian gentleman remove it from his yard and whew was it a job but, he called it a weed that was hard to get rid of. He gave me a few of them and I can say that it does grow like a weed. Very quick with a root system that can go on forever. I have it growing in a large pot and my fear is that it’s going to burst but, perhaps it will just grow to the capacity of the pot. At least I hope so. So, that’s where the term weed came from.

  3. I very much appreciate what this gentleman has developed for using bamboo in this manner but, what I cannot figure is why bamboo is considered a weed, a grass??? To me, it’s a wood.

  4. This is a significant breakthrough for building with bamboo. However, it lends itself to large shops that can afford the expensive equipment.


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