A Novel Root Cellar Design

I have gotten periodic email updates on the progress of this handsome earthbag and ferrocement root cellar made by Clay Dimeno. Rather than leaving the stucco over the bags as plain cement colored, he decided to scribe faux stones and stain them to look like real stones. I think that he did a marvelous job on this, and want to share it with readers. Last September he said that the temperature inside the cellar was 20 degrees cooler than outside. The mushroom  shaped thing on top is an air vent.

photo 3



1 thought on “A Novel Root Cellar Design”

  1. That is very classy-looking, and the function of the thing makes it’s appearance even more impressive.

    I’ve seen lots of striking, hobbit hole-like structures, but they don’t often fulfill their functions as well as they otherwise could or would, if the appearance of the thing hadn’t been the main priority.


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