Organica Verde Nicaragua Project

“The third, fourth, and fifth phase will involve construction and engineering.

The third phase will be partnering with the university and three NGO’s, Liz Johndrow with Earthen Endeavors, Lucy Dale with Cultura Quilombo, and Project Bona Fide. This Partnership will teach the locals how to create and develop elevated and vertical gardens thru out the community. 20 urban gardens will be created utilising the super/hyper adobe building system. The purpose will be three fold, to bring the beauty of nature back into the community, stimulate pollination for other plants in the area, and compliment the first honey cycle for the urban Jicote bee colonies. It is important to understand that the team of phase three, created from the partnership of Organica Verde, the said university, and the NGO’s, main objective will be a teaching/guidance position. The community will be providing all the labor and it is an educational/ empowerment experience for them that is necessary to proceed with phase four and five. This project will start at the beginning of December 2014 and will last 2 months.

Phase four will be the creation of a 3000 square foot community center. This building will be cross utilised in four ways:

#1 The education of arts and crafts
#2 A school for 85 children ages 2 to 10.
#3 Baking area/communal kitchen (800 sq feet of the center 20X40) It will house a community based coop-run Bread baking business involving the construction of seven Adobe ovens
#4 Carpentry (400 sq feet of the center 20X20)
This project will start at the beginning of December 2014 the infrastructure building will be for 1 ½ months and the remainder of the project will last for 6 months there after

The fifth phase is organising a team professionals to educate the local men in constructing new earthquake and flood proof dwellings of local natural building materials with a ecological green design for their families. In addition to this a medical building (800 square feet) and a Honey processing facility (1000 square feet) will be constructed in this phase. Included into the infrastructure of the community will be wind and solar power, waste treatment that will be processed for clean energy, and a small binary power plant that would harness the Geothermal energy from the local hot springs. I have expressed interest in the project from Stanford University, New Mexico State University, and the National University of Engineering here in Nicaragua (Universidad Nacional de IngenierĂ­a). This fifth phase will start at the beginning of November 2015 and will be ongoing depending on the housing creation needs of the community.”

Executive Director Vincent Cosgrove
Organica Verde Nicaragua Project

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