Paja Construction

Kent Potter's strawbale house by Paja Construction
Kent Potter’s strawbale house by Paja Construction
Kent Potter’s strawbale house by Paja Construction
Many readers may not be aware of all the companies who have pioneered the natural building movement and have built up vast experience in the field. Someone new to the subject might think the ideas we talk about are fringe or experimental or untested simply because they’re not aware of how many companies there are and how many structures have been built this way. So, I’ve decided to start profiling some leading natural building companies. Send me a link if you have a suggestion. (We are not being remunerated in any way for these company profiles.)

“Paja Construction — Straw Bale Construction Since 1991
Over 86 houses, 320 privacy walls, and tens of thousands of hours on-site

Paja Construction specializes in custom straw bale homes mostly in the greater Albuquerque area and across New Mexico. Cadmon Whitty, owner and operator of Paja Construction, was a founding member of the New Mexico Straw Bale Construction Association. Cadmon continues to work with New Mexico’s Construction Industries Department to refine the straw bale building code. He shares his expertise on the Straw Bale Expert Blog.”

Paja Construction

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  1. They are Artisans that’s for sure. His site is very informative. Owen, what do you know about the synthetic stucco he talked about. Being in a very rainy, snowy, cold site; I wonder if the synthetic would be a smarter mix to use on earthbags because of the cracking probability. I understand what he said about not using it on straw builds. That makes sense but, earthbags not being the same this might be a good idea. What of the cost of this synthetic stucco. Is it a lot more expensive? Have you used it before? Thanks.


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