The Palace the Master Carpenter Built

This rustic handbuilt custom home has the highest rated comments I’ve ever seen on any video. Almost every comment says things like “This is the best house I’ve ever seen.”

Maurice has outdone himself again. This is the estate and roundwood palace he was hired to make unique and beautiful. The property includes a pottery studio complete with kiln, enclosed vineyard, a wine making building including the lift to bring the barrels up and down, wine cellar, chicken coop, enclosed garden, chicken coop, riding arena, horse barn, caretakers house, swimming pool, and main house. The unique and handmade wooden masterpieces are what makes this property amazing…not just that it is big and fancy. What do you think? Maurice lives and works in Riggins, Idaho.

Our blog emphasizes affordable housing made of natural materials. However, this video and home is so amazing that I couldn’t resist showing it.

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