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  1. It’s hard to say as the picture is a little grainy. Perhaps it is for creating a bit of an eve on the dome to shed/collect water. I am exploring options for putting a cap on domes as I don’t trust just plaster in any climate that gets even a decent amount of rain. I am considering creating a wood framework attached to the dome with metal roofing in a sort of pyramid , Thatching over a plastered dome, or possibly shingling metal.

    Another idea for that back door is to just berm the structure and have the steps going right up the hill! Do you think there are any structural issues with putting an opening so large in a dome. I am also curious about the form they used.

    • Yes, some kind of added protection for domes is recommended in rainy climates. I imagine people will try various ideas and eventually the most popular method will emerge before long.

      Arched openings for doors and windows are fine as long as they’re not too large.

  2. What a beautiful dome! I really like that idea of putting a doorway up high going into a loft! What an efficient use of space. Thanks for posting these photos Owen. You give me ideas all of the time ;)

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