Plants & rugged materials turn Alpine garage into dream shed

“When architects Gianmatteo Romegialli and Erika Gaggia saw their friend Carlo “Dino” Marchetti’s garage with the gorgeous views of the Italian Alps, “almost as a joke” they suggested converting it into something “fun”. Given Dino’s passion for gardening, they decided to let nature in on the renovation. By creating just a steel frame around the building, they enabled local plants and vines to wrap the home in a second skin of vegetation.

Inside they left most of the cement masonry and added raw, industrial materials like galvanized steel to create a kitchen and window frames. Adding just a hole in one wall- between the old garage and former storage room- they expanded the space into a second room for relaxing, entertaining and planning and potting the garden.”


2 thoughts on “Plants & rugged materials turn Alpine garage into dream shed”

  1. Hello,
    I represent an nonprofit organization by the name of “Journey of The Leaf “ Corporation and we have a Alternative Domes House project; that we hope to begin sometime by fall and we would like to know if your GTC group can help us accomplish our goals. Our vision is to create sustainable dome homes in a group of 8 to ten adobe homes. We would like to get some advice and price’s to begin the process. Please send me a package of your services cost. Thank you


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