Q&A: Choosing Land for Off-Grid Living

When buying land, natural builders are faced with one of their biggest challenges trying to decide: what area is best?, how much to spend?, what will I need?, what about codes? It helps to hear firsthand advice from people actually living off-grid like the couple in this video.

“Going off-grid is not entirely green lit at every level anywhere, and regulations vary a lot from place to place. But we did tell our story here and we hope it at least gives you some things to think about. Enjoy!”

Esther Emery is the daughter of one of the founders of the modern homesteading movement, Carla Emery, the author of The Encyclopedia of Country Living. (Five star review on Amazon.) I first saw Esther in a TedX talk about unplugging from the grid for a year. She is very articulate.


4 thoughts on “Q&A: Choosing Land for Off-Grid Living”

  1. It was interesting hearing their opinion about buying north facing land in the mountains. The most common advice is finding south facing land for better exposure for the garden and solar panels. Their choice of north facing land gave them more trees for building and privacy, and greener vegetation.


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