This Quaint California Cottage Started Out as a Garage

“Looking at the exterior of this place, it’s hard to imagine its previous life as a garage. Yet, this Berkeley, California home once served as the carriage house for a beautiful estate designed by the legendary architect Bernard Maybeck, who was a key figure in the Arts and Crafts movement.

While the original home sadly met an untimely end in a fire, the carriage house didn’t burn, and today you can rent the 750-square-foot survivor for a getaway. We’re not saying cedar shingles are necessary for a successful vacation, but they’re certainly a lovely perk if you don’t have them at home — plus they mimic the vibe created by the surrounding woodsy landscape.

Inside, you’ll actually find two floors. The bottom level (the original carriage house) boasts a cozy living room, kitchen, and bathroom, and on the top level, you’ll find a whole lotta yellow (oh, and the bedroom and main bathroom, of course). Though the two floors span decades, they’re united through the use of exposed beams, rustic wood decor and beautifully authentic period details.”

This home is a good use of repurposing an old building and using salvaged materials. Dream Houses, a new YouTube channel on tiny houses and small houses has over 3.5 million views and 8,000 subscribers.

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