Rain and Spirit Permaculture and Bio-building Centre

Rain and Spirit Permaculture and Bio-building Centre
Rain and Spirit Permaculture and Bio-building Centre

“Hello, I am writing you from Argentina. Three years ago I went to Cal Earth Foundation to take superadobe workshop. I started to build my home at the moment I came back. A lot of people where trying to start their own projects with the only help of a video from youtube. So, I started to give workshops, at this time I have almost 500 students in Chile (my birth country), Argentina (where I live with my familiy), and Bolivia.

We are transforming our superadobe home into a place to give all kind of workshops, earthbag building, cob, traditional adobe, and other topics like permaculture. I would like to appear in your List of Workshops.

The name we use for this new project is
Espiritu y Lluvia : Centro de Permacultura y Bioconstrucción Aplicada.
(Rain and Spirit: Permaculture and Bio-building Centre)

We are located in Huerta Grande, Cordoba, Argentina, South America. We offer workshops and training for building with earthbags and other traditional earth techniques and sustainable living practices. You can see our work in the web below. We can give accomodation for camping, and meals at the workshops. We receive people that can contribute with our job.

The contact mail is superadobedelsur@gmail.com

We speak english.(not advanced level..but we can manage it!)


María Loreto Retamales
cel. 54- 03548- 15432920 (Argentina)
00-54-9-3548-432920 (exterior)
búscanos en facebook: Superadobe del Sur

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