A Review on Stabilization of Soil using Various Admixtures

Abstract: The need of developing soil stability with low cost and environment friendly is necessary. In this paper, various articles have been reviewed in order to discuss the various economical and effective ground improvement techniques (GIT). In those articles the various stabilizing agents employed for soil stabilization are lime, fujibeton, renolith, fly ash, quarry dust, waste fibers and bio-enzymes such as Terrazyme, Permazyme and bacillus megaterium.

In the conclusion they recommend natural bio-enzymes such as Terrazyme, Permazyme and bacillus megaterium, because they are safe, effective and affordable soil stabilizers. There are many uses for these materials including stabilizing building sites, roads and earthbags.

Source: Free PDF at IJERT
Thanks to Ken for this tip. Search our blog for related content because most of these admixtures have been covered in previous articles.

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  1. I am interested in building a round dome structure. I noticed that you do not cover dome building in your book. Would you please recommend a book that covers this kind of structure?
    I also need info on building a dome in a humid climate such as Belize and it rains a lot too. What kind of water barrier would you suggest?
    I have watched severeal of your videos about gardening andd have found them informative and interesting to watch.
    Do you know of a YouTube video of building these earthbag homes?

    Thank you


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