Risking it All – Living Off the Grid TV Series — 7 Comments

  1. Just wait until they impose a “living in your van” or “uses public restrooms” tax after they raise the prices of commodities making rent, zoning, and/or property taxes unaffordable.

  2. Was the trailer a summary of the whole season? Wonder if in season 2 there will be safe spaces and diversity. This is TLC so it’ll be politically correct and/or backed.

    • Yes, that’s a trailer for the season it seems. It’s in the UK. That’s all I know. Maybe some will be interested. Even if it’s mostly silly drama stuff, maybe there’s some good info as well.

      Update: I found the full 38 minute video of episode 1. I’m watching it now.

      Other entire episodes are freely available on YouTube if you search for Risking It All Full Season.

      2nd update: I watched until I got bored, then sped through the first three episodes to get an overview. The first episode is moving. The second episode is setting up camp, so these didn’t appeal to me. There’s a lot of crying, stress, emotions, complaining, silly ‘problems’ — lots of TV drama. None of it is useful or practical to me. I much prefer 5-10 minute detailed, how-to information filled videos on the subjects I’m currently interested in. Families might enjoy this series more.

      • Perhaps I’m getting more cynical with age and experience(s) but I’m more willing to believe they’re attempting to get people to accept sharing and/or going without what modern weak tech dependent youth are being raised to believe are necessary for life. They will continue to tax and charge everyone but will no longer care about water or electric being clean or plentiful with the influx of 3rd world people. Those that need clear plentiful water and electricity to survive will die off and governments will continue to profit off of their new populations without raising a finger to fix the presently crumbling infrastructure.

          • Let them.
            I can make my own.
            If you can’t create your own infrastructure you can’t appreciate how it works.
            If you understand how it works you can build your own.
            Since childhood I’ve been like the professor on Gilligan’s Island when it comes to making something out of nothing.
            More than happy to share and put it to use as well if anyone wants to barter or share land/camp/boondocking for know how and a build buddy.

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