Sand Scarcity — 2 Comments

  1. I believe this! Even in Ghana, I’ve seen sand prices jump to 2-3 times what they used to be (aside from inflation). This is partly due to the demand – people are building more with cement and tipper truck drivers know they can get higher prices for this commodity, but it’s also because they have to go deeper into the bush to get it.

    We even have water challenges in the main northern city because of all the sediment that sand winnowing kicks up. It was burning out the water filtration and purification system for the river water that’s drawn out and used to supply this town and many other nearby towns. The army even set 14 tipper trucks on fire because they refused to comply with a cease and desist order. It’s calmed down now with the onset of the rains, but it gets worse every year.

  2. Check out the infographic. It’s incredible what is going on. According to them, the sand mafia is the biggest criminal organization in India. Just one creek has 75,000 illegal sand miners!

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