Silver Fire Wood Stoves — 11 Comments

  1. We have a variety of portable and non portable wood and biomass burning stoves. Our inventory fluctuates with season and demand. The comment that all wood burning stoves must meet stringent EPA standards is correct for heating stove, however cooking is a short duration activity and since our stoves are primarily designed as cook stoves, they are exempt from EPA heating /emission stove standards. Our stoves that offer heating and cooking are found under our cook & heat links.



  2. Contacted the manufacturer and here is their reply:

    “This time of year we deal primarily with portable recreation stoves. We are developing other stoves so undetermined if that model will return.



    • Ugh. Too bad. This stove seems like the ‘best in its class’. And with the growing movement of small houses and tiny houses it’s hard to understand why it’s no longer being made.

      With rocket stove design it should meet EPA standards.

      Does anyone know of a similar quality and size wood stove? Thanks for sharing, Charlotte.

  3. Can’t find that particular stove on their website. Is this an exclusive stove/heater for your readers? :)

    • Maybe it’s been discontinued? Please contact the company. If it’s no longer available, maybe you can track down a used one for sale. They seem so perfect for small houses. They’re sturdily built and compact.

  4. SilverFire also sells larger stoves. I profiled this one because it would work great in tiny houses and small houses.

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