Simple, Natural Solutions to Malaria

Global Resource Alliance
From the Mara Soil – a Film About Simple and Natural Solutions to Poverty, Hunger and Disease

Neem drops: insect repellant and tincture for prevention of malaria is promoted by Abha Light Foundation in Kenya.
MMS: Miracle Mineral Supplement is a mineral supplement developed by Jim Humble. It has sodium chlorite with citric acid that produces chlorine dioxide, a powerful pathogen killer.
Artemesia annua: this plant is recommended by the World Health Organization to kill the malaria parasites in the blood.
Mosquito nets

See the Malaria Prevention and Treatment page at Global Resource Alliance for more information.

“In cooperation with local, community based organizations, Global Resource Alliance pursues a natural, holistic and sustainable approach to poverty in the Lake Victoria region of Tanzania.

We believe that empowering local communities to address pressing social, economic and environmental challenges according to their own vision and their own creative potential is the key to lasting solutions.

Our programs include educational grants, the promotion of microfinance, water resource development, permaculture & organic gardening, malaria prevention, alternative health, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) prevention, alternative energy, sustainable building and direct assistance to vulnerable populations like AIDS orphans and the elderly.”

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