Special Thanks to my Family

I’m going to break from the usual type of blog post today to say thank you to my family who have helped make the last 11 years the best years of my life. They include my step-children and their mother. Readers seldom hear about them, but they’ve had a huge impact on my life and I can’t thank them enough.

First of all, I want to say that they are probably the most loving, gentlest and kindest people I’ve ever known. They have helped me almost daily in many ways for eleven years – running errands, ordering things online, printing documents. They are popular, happy, very ethical, extremely talented in many areas, as well as being fun to be around.

Our youngest daughter recently got her BA and successfully passed a difficult banking exam that only 5% of applicants pass. For the last two years she and her brother have started their own small restaurants. Our other daughter is in graduate school in Australia. She graduated second in her class from a good university. They’re all bi-lingual and very skilled with computers. Our son can totally gut and rebuild computers with ease, and fix most anything around the house. And in case you’re wondering, I’m not bragging. They’ve achieved their accomplishments through lots of hard work and discipline (way more than I had at their age.)

19 thoughts on “Special Thanks to my Family”

  1. Dr. Owen:
    I love your passion! And through you, I am sure I love your family too. You live a dedicated and giving life … and you appropriately honor your supportive family. In the best sense of the word, you, and they, have real class to serve so brilliantly. Comments from others posting say it all. I’ll just say, “Thanks Owen!” :)

  2. Appreciate so much keeping us all in touch with others throughout the world ! Earth builders! Thanks to all your family supporting and being with you!
    Jeanne at 3 Moons project

  3. What a wonderful compliment for your Family and what a wonderful compliment for you. If you wpóuldn´t have given them trust, happyness and a heart full of love, they wouldn`t have been able to love you in this way.
    What a wonderful time…. thank you very much for all….

  4. You and your family are so fortunate to have one another in this surreal and everchanging world in which we live.

    It sounds a bit like you are all part of your Soul Tribe, who came to Earth together to help potentize each other’s service to all.

    May you always be able to ride the waves of change together!

  5. Great family Owen – but I am sure they feel the same about you ;-)

    You been sharing your passion in this blog with us for years, and we readers also appreciate what you do

  6. Owen

    One thing for you to realize is you are a very rich man. Also you have given to others for many years without any sort of monetary compensation in return. You are a giver and I personally want to thank you for all the information you have shared over the years. I am a wiser and richer person for it.



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