Stained Glass Accents in the Home — 4 Comments

  1. Yeah, I’ve been drooling all over my neighbors copy of Hubble’s book. Blows my mind that he forges and shapes all his wrought iron frames, does his stained glass, ferro domed roofs (I like his post gaudy esque tiling on his dome exteriors), multi material blends, artistic sculpting and plaster work. But and his freeform adobe work is Like some kind of Nubian expressionist acid trip. He has [the time :) and skills] of the finest artitecture: refined play with spacial, light and mosaic coloring.

  2. I did a few quick searches with respect to image credit.

    It appears that this structure was built by James and Anne Hubble.

    They run Hubble and Hubble:
    (be certain to check out “Portfolio” and “Details” on that website.)
    (their blog is excellent as well.)

    And they run:

    There’s a whole lot of free form interesting structures they have built.

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