The Earthbag Building Network

I am very pleased to announce that a new forum has been created where people can share information, photos, videos, questions, and network socially…all about earthbag building! It is The Earthbag Building Network and it is very easy to register and become a participant. I just did, and I hope that many of you will also.

Paul McMaster is the founder of this network, and he says, “I started the EarthBag Network after deciding to build with earthbags and wanting to help more people connect and find out how to do the same.”

Thank you Paul!

3 thoughts on “The Earthbag Building Network”

  1. dear friend

    I write from Chile and I am very interested in information about this type of construction —
    I bought a field outside the city and I would be interested to build with rste system.
    I wish I could help


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