The Mudhouse

“It breathes, it smells good and offers harmony with nature. If broken down 90% of it will go back to Mother Earth. It’s about sustainable living!

Architects: Areen Attari & Partners at Put Your Hands Together
“The crux of Put Your Hands Together is that we work with locally available natural materials with an aim towards community-oriented architecture but open to do any architecture that uses local materials” says Areen Attari, a Bio architect and one of the five partners at ‘Put Your Hands Together’ (PYHT). They are a young and passionate team with each member having specialized knowledge of using a particular organic material for construction. Primarily their projects employ materials like Earth, Bamboo, Stone and Timber. According to Areen, “Houses made of organic materials are durable, sustainable and very comfortable to live in if built the right way. For centuries people have been building houses from local mud and other natural materials and were well acquainted with the benefits of such construction before this art was lost to modern practices.”


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