“ is the unique hospitality site for virtually anyone, anywhere in the world wishing to participate in or start their own sustainable self-build project.” links people. There are two types of membership available, POOSHers (volunteers) and build project hosts, who can communicate via internal messaging system. operates without borders. has created a global database of sustainable self-build projects and volunteers. The intention is to encourage its members to share more sustainable ways of building and living. is an exchange. In return for volunteer help, self-build project hosts are encouraged to offer food, accommodation and opportunities to share sustainable self-build techniques.
Do you wish to help sustainable build projects by volunteering your time, knowledge and energy?
Dreaming of building your own sustainable structure is one thing, but gaining the experience to actually do it is everything! Being a volunteer member with creates opportunities to develop theoretic knowledge and practical skills associated with sustainable self-building and to network with other like-minded people.

Volunteering is a rewarding process and the benefits go beyond food and accommodation. Communication, teamwork, cultural understanding, community awareness and confidence are just a few examples of skill development areas that you will have the opportunity to gain by becoming a volunteer member.”

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  1. Howdy all,

    Im one of the co-founders of Please ask any questions as I would love to learn more about how people like the site! We have grown a lot, and now host over 300 build projects and have over 3,000 members all around the world. Find a build project to get invoved in to learn natural building skills, or host your project to find some more people to help you out.

    • Great. People ask all the time about workshops and volunteer opportunities. I understand people can join and learn for free. Only builders who host the events have to pay a fee. Is there a map or some way to quickly search for projects?

    • Hi. I’ve just heard about
      We’re about to start building an eco house soon.
      However, cannot find the website. Does it still exist?

  2. What I was talking about is the information you gave about the Bulletin Board and the Workshop at Earthbag

  3. What a great site! Wohhh Owen….I didn’t realize you had that to offer as well. Maybe I should take a better look. Thanks for the info. Good post.

    • Not sure what you mean by “I didn’t realize you had that to offer as well.” is not my site. I’m just reporting on interesting natural building stories as I come across them.

  4. We have a free Bulletin Board above where builders and volunteers can connect.

    We also have a Workshop page at Earthbag that lists all the groups offering workshops. has taken this basic idea of networking builders and volunteers to a whole new level by structuring and organizing the process. Please leave a message if you’ve tried this.


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