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  1. Howdy all,

    Im one of the co-founders of Please ask any questions as I would love to learn more about how people like the site! We have grown a lot, and now host over 300 build projects and have over 3,000 members all around the world. Find a build project to get invoved in to learn natural building skills, or host your project to find some more people to help you out.

    • Great. People ask all the time about workshops and volunteer opportunities. I understand people can join and learn for free. Only builders who host the events have to pay a fee. Is there a map or some way to quickly search for projects?

  2. What I was talking about is the information you gave about the Bulletin Board and the Workshop at Earthbag

  3. What a great site! Wohhh Owen….I didn’t realize you had that to offer as well. Maybe I should take a better look. Thanks for the info. Good post.

    • Not sure what you mean by “I didn’t realize you had that to offer as well.” is not my site. I’m just reporting on interesting natural building stories as I come across them.

  4. We have a free Bulletin Board above where builders and volunteers can connect.

    We also have a Workshop page at Earthbag that lists all the groups offering workshops. has taken this basic idea of networking builders and volunteers to a whole new level by structuring and organizing the process. Please leave a message if you’ve tried this.

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