These Old Cabins

“The historic cabins, ranger stations, and other buildings of the Forest Service hold the tales of one of the nation’s most important public land agencies. In the Northern Region of the Forest Service, a group of highly skilled craftsmen have been formed into a Historic Preservation Team. The team is trained to maintain and restore the historic buildings of the region. Thousands of visitors can still make use of these buildings and enjoy their historical value.”

Another hat tip to Jay for finding this. He’s uncovered a whole treasure trove of old Forest Service cabin videos. Depending on reader interest, we might feature more of them. Or readers could search YouTube for “These Old Cabins” to find the rest of the series. Note for new readers: we don’t cover log cabins in depth because most forests have been decimated, large logs are not sustainable and more sustainable methods are sought. If appropriate sized logs are available in your area, it’s best to use standing dead timber (trees killed by lightening or disease) instead of cutting live trees. Even then it might be best to use the wood for post and beam and choose more insulating wall materials.

4 thoughts on “These Old Cabins”

  1. Thanks Craig AND Jay for this look into keeping something alive. It reminds me of a place called Raleigh Springs in Virginia where I grew up. It’s a place with nothing but cabins with just a couple newer builds in the same grade but, these cabins have been there since the 1800’s. The owners take pride in them and keep them up. It’s a beautiful place about 8 miles out of town in the mountains along a crystal clear river. Thanks you two……you took me home.

  2. Thanks Craig.

    I’ve been scrolling through that site.

    I found this video posted there particularly inspirational.

    I nominate it for it’s own blog post here, if Owen so chooses.

    (Feel free to give Craig credit for the find.)

    I just hope I can be going as strong as Mr. English when I get to 93.


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