Tile Faced Mud Block — 6 Comments

  1. Almost as interesting was one of the videos that came up when it finished: Conical Tile Arched Roof CSV. I wish they were subtitled.

  2. You missed the main point of the video. The special t-shaped parts that got fired are embedded in adobe bricks to create a durable exterior surface. The gaps between are mortared. Watch it again.

  3. I find it fascinating to learn about all the amazing and different techniques that are used around the world. Many of root concepts can be adapted for use with completely different technologies.

    I find myself wondering about doing essentially the same process shown in this video, but making the face tile larger so that it will overlap the height of the block. Then bevel the mold for the outer block face so that when the block is laid on the wall the tile can overlap the block below like a clapboard or a shingle.

    One might be able to eliminate the need for mortaring the joints entirely. That might save a lot of time during construction and eliminate maintaining the grout over time.

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