Tiny House Concept Adapted Into Amazing Modern Home — 3 Comments

  1. SIP insulated panels can be a good idea for tiny houses. However, I do not recommend them for larger houses because they are very awkward to move and set in the final position. It’s like putting together a puzzle with big, heavy, awkward pieces.

    • Hi Owen, yes, some of the SIPS panels can be awkward to build with.

      however, Eco-Panels, a company in Western North Carolina, has solved many of those awkward type issues, are SUPER EASY TO USE. and their homes withstand hurricanes, etc. and the polyurethane does not burn.

      Eco-Panels even have cam-locks to easily build the entire envelope. Very low-skilled local labor can be employed for the betterment of the local communities while providing a stronger, safer and significantly more energy efficient building solution.

      take a look.

      they dedicate at least 30% of their works to Affordable Living.

      when you look on the right side of the page, there are links to photos of their homes still standing unharmed after hurricanes. similar to seeing earthbag homes still standing. while everything around them is severely damaged.

      THANK YOU FOR helping us all to educate ourselves and help change the world.

      • Thanks for the feedback. I’ll take a look. There are almost always exceptions to broad general statements like I did.

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