Tiny Houses for Retirement — 3 Comments

  1. Paid for sounds good.An RV would be easier. I had to stop watching those shows on TV about tiny homes.Usually, They are crazy expensive.Cool, I have a thirty thousand dollar shed on a trailer crazy.It really isn’t hard to come up with a small shack to live in.Being legal is a whole other thing.i think our country needs to get off the high debt horse thing.Sorry to ramble.

    • Yes, a lot of them are expensive. I try to show the best design ideas that can be used in any small house. Also keep in mind everybody wants something different.

  2. There are now thousands of tiny house videos online. I watch hundreds of them and bring readers the best ones I find. There are LOTS of good reasons they’re so popular. The bottom line for many is other housing options are not affordable. The cost of new home construction and apartments is too high. Save up your money, build your own tiny home or buy a shell already framed in by a professional and soon you’ll be saving money. You can always upgrade to a bigger home later if you want.

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