Training the Locals – Earthbag Dome, Columbia — 11 Comments

  1. I Will continue building my 3 little under earth bag domes in thé Mojave desert, 50 miles west of Las Vegas, near terrific Hot mineral spas, check out Tecopa. Bring, your sleeping gaer, working gloves, from March through june, if some stay! Possible! Let’s!!! Growing, create bag. Walls, throme walls and?,whatever we invent. Space for creating! Check out my dôme building album on face book. So greatful to your many good ideas, people, places! Thanks Owen, jehane

  2. “purple Domes for the win” quote our 11 year old. our 5 year old has told us her dome must be this color because it’s perfect for her. lol love this

  3. I forgot one thing. Do you just cut the tube ends and fold them over and lay them in place or are there electric sealers like you see for sealing your food in bags at home that are used? I’m thinking when you start a new coarse/course. Thanks.

  4. Very nice building. There site is one of the best I’ve seen so far. I’ve often wondered how you filled tubes and this showed it clearly. Are there other ways of doing it? If so, do you have pictures? Thanks Owen for showing this.

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