United Earth Builders Earthbag Dome Workshop — 3 Comments

  1. I attended one of their day classes. It was nice to get some hands on. The tubes they were using were unmarked, not from CalEarth. Can’t recollect how much James said the tubing was. I do remember at the time it worked out to be much more expensive then bags. I purchased bags from a supplier in New York. Even with shipping to the west coast they worked at about 36 cents each. At the class I attended we were using a partial roll. We were building garden walls at Fox’s home.
    I am guessing this workshop is at Bonita Domes.

    The most important things I learned from the class.

    Earthbag building is slow going. If you need a structure in a hurry and have limited help, this is not the quickest method.

    If your working with a limited amount of people, use bags and not tubes. Tubes are a difficult two person operation. Three or more people are better. Filling tubes up high would even be more difficult.

    If I needed a structure quickly and was in a temperate climate, I would build a birdcage dome. A simple ferrocement building consisting of rebar, poly tarps, chicken wire and a basic stucco mix. In three weeks or less, one person could have a 20 ft dome weather tight.

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