Volunteer Reviewers Wanted for New House Plan Book — 10 Comments

  1. Hi,

    I am more than happy to edit your book. Currently taking a year off to travel the world undertaking builds within the poosh community. I have a degree and have been proof reading other people’s writing for my work for the last four years.

    For evidence of my writing please see above link.

    Happy to help.



    • Thanks. I’ll email you soon.

      We now have 15 reviewers and so I’ll be cutting this off soon so we can proceed as a group with the editing.

  2. Hi Owen. I am 50 years old, English, 3 English qualifications. I studied printing, including proof reading.
    I used to work as system tester, paid to spot errors. I am pedantic about spelling and grammar. I have read alot about alternative building techniques. It would be a pleasure to assist with your book.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  3. Hi Owen,

    I would be more than happy to volunteer my help. I have quite a few experiences proofreading some local books in Malaysia and have had some experience in natural buildings from workshops mostly. But I am well read in the subject and I believe I have a good command of English and will be able assist you. Let me know if you still require volunteers.


  4. Hi Owen

    If you like, I’ll volunteer-proofread your book. As you know, English is my third language, but I am still building with earthbags and other techniques. By the way, I am building a nice bungalow (earthbags, wooden uper structure with light-straw, a rocket mass heater, and pallet furniture). I will send you somephotes when ready.
    Best regards
    Cato Arce

  5. I would like to do some volunteer proofreading for you. I’m not a certified, credentialed editor, but have edited a book for publishing, numerous professional articles for publication, have typed and edited masters theses and doctoral dissertations and have good skills in spelling and grammar. While I was studying art in college, I illustrated a booklet for one of my professors.

    You can try me out if you wish. Send me a convoluted paragraph and let me fix it for you.
    I have a masters degree in counseling and an undergrad degree in Arts and Humanities. I am retired and have time to devote to your project. I am fascinated with earthbag construction, although have not created any projects yet.

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